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Yaletown Chiropractic is a place where people come and feel like it is their second home. It is about life, people, and health.

The friendly atmosphere and peaceful surroundings at Yaletown Chiropractic are what will enable your body and mind to enhance the effects of the chiropractic adjustment. Our office has early morning and late evening appointments available to accommodate your busy schedule.

It is our goal to help people maximize their health potential.

We wish to educate and empower those lives we touch and are committed to providing a positive and caring environment within our office. Chiropractic is a natural healing art which can decrease stress and pain, prevent injury, and optimize wellness. Chiropractic is for everyone!

Chiropractic Services

Whether you are experiencing acute pain from an accident/injury, looking to improve your postural awareness, or wanting to learn how to optimize your health and prevent future injuries, we can help.

First Time Visiting Us?

No referral is necessary for you to visit a chiropractor, and every new client is treated like a member of the family. Learn more about what to expect on your first visit and how we will guide you through the process.

Insurance Coverage

Not sure if you are covered? Find out about your options and see if you are eligible for Medical Services Plan, ICBC or WorkSafe BC coverage. Chiropractic services are covered by most extended health care plans.

New Clients Welcome!

Call or email to make an appointment for chiropractic care for:

  • Acute and Chronic Pain Syndromes
  • Postural Imbalances
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • Sports Injuries & Performance Enhancement
  • Prenatal & Pediatric Care
  • Custom Orthotics

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By Dr. Shawn K. Exley | June 30, 2017

7 Tips for Proper Ergonomics in the Modern “Office” Office jobs — jobs that have employees sitting in front of a computer — are more common than ever. Even still, “offices” have never looked so different. Tech companies are particularly well-known for altering the office landscape with diverse workstations, nap/relaxation rooms and even amazing in-house…

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What Our Clients Say

"When I was referred to Dr. Shawn, I was unable to get a solid night's sleep due to neck pain and headaches. He helped me immediately and has shown me ways I can prevent further problems on my own. I now rarely wake up due to neck pain!"

- M.S.

I have been going to see Dr. Mason for about 8 years now. I really enjoy her approach and I highly recommend her! The office is very comfortable and she is always willing to help out. Five Stars!!!

- J.W.

Dr. Mason is amazing! I have been a patient here for around 3 years. I recommend her to everyone!

- P.P.

"I had never been to a chiropractor before and honestly I used to be a bit afraid of having someone "crunch my back". I have chronic back and knee problems as a result of a car accident and running on pavement. Dr. Shawn was referred to me and I am totally convinced that I should have started treatment years ago! I strongly recommend him."

- S.R.

I have been seeing Dr. Brenda Mason for regular chiro treatments for years. She is the BEST! I would highly recommend Yaletown Chiropractic after any injury or just for routine maintenance - it's been a lifesaver for me on more than one occasion!!


"I struggled for two weeks with this back pain, and starting a new job had a hard time calling in sick, but ended up having to. One visit with Dr. Shawn and and I felt 90% better and was able to return to work. I can't thank him enough!"

- M.D.

I've been going for a few weeks now and have always been pleased with the service. Plus the staff is great!

- R.R.

Great professional service. Dr Brenda Mason is experienced and knowledgeable. Highly recommended.


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